Client Testimonials

Ellen Fineman has done an excellent job in treating my arm and neck pain. She has helped me immensely with her effective physical therapy treatment. Her attention to detail, conscientiousness and professionalism are outstanding, and I am happy to recommend Ellen to others.

Ellen Fineman and her biofeedback proved invaluable to me in my recovery from rectal surgery. The breathing and exercises she prescribed for me allowed me to continue my teaching job. She worked with me to gain strength and understanding of the process my body was going through post-surgery. Thanks to Ellen, I feel my life has returned to as close to normalcy as possible.

I highly recommend Ellen Fineman Physical Therapy for anyone suffering from back pain or recovering from back surgery. I had been to other therapists within my medical plan prior to visiting Ellen without relief. My surgeon referred me to Ellen after having two back surgeries and I’ve never been more pleased. She is extremely knowledgeable and specializes in back problems. With her help I’ve gone from barely able to stand to almost full recovery in just a few months. Even though I’ve had to pay a little extra because she’ outside my medical plan, it’s been money well spent. She’s been able to target the exact source of my pain and prescribe home exercises to alleviate the pain while building back my strength and endurance. She’s even taught me correct body mechanics and put together a long-term exercise regime so I don’t re-injure my back.

After 10 years of severe right arm regional pain syndrome, with no relief from multiple medications, acupuncture, TENS units, Chinese herbs, and naturopathic treatment without significant pain relief, I was referred to Ellen Fineman for Biofeedback and physical therapy work. After 1 month of biofeedback therapy, I began to have significant pain relief, and by the time I had finished the sessions with Ellen, my pain was reduced by about 80%. I was able to function again, including moderately heavy physical activity with my arm, as well as sleep through the night for the first time in a decade. I was also able to reduce my narcotic pain medication use by 50%.

I found that Ellen was compassionate, easy to work with, upbeat, but not a Pollyanna. She was honest about the chances of success and forthright about the process. I would recommend Ellen to anyone.

I went to Ellen with a knee problem that was interfering with my daily activities. Ellen checked the problem and designed a PT program that minimized the problem from the first appointment. It has only gotten better as the therapy has continued.

It was exactly what I was hoping for, relief without medicine.

I highly recommend Ellen.

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